Pareri su di me come fotografo…

Mi sembra un ottimo giudizio di LensCulture su di me come fotografo in base alle foto che gli avevo sottoposto per un parere…

“Hello Andrea and thank you for giving me the opportunity to give you some feedback by sharing your photos with Lens Culture. It was a pleasure viewing your work and I will be very happy if I could help you.

My first impression of your work is that you have a good eye and that you are a true documentary and travel photographer. 
This is obvious in all of your photos.

The images in your series capture some exciting moments in India, a colourful and multi-faceted country. Technically your job is impeccable. Everything seems to work perfectly.

I am also glad that you have shown us different aspects of life in India and, above all, not only the usual images. You have many strong photographic qualities in your photos, such as effective lighting, interesting perspective and strong composition.

Ι love your photos and especially pictures 3 and 10. In my opinion, these pictures are the most interesting.

However, you can do some things to go one step further so I have got a few pieces of advice for you though. Your statement needs some improvements. The artist statement is a very important component of the contemporary photography. Focus on what drove you to make those pictures and what method you followed.

Pay attention to the narrative line. A series is a visual storytelling. The proper sequencing, the proper editing and the opening and closing image, can be very effective on the success of your series. Also, your picture can improve by shooting more and studying other photographs and photographers.
When I’m looking at a single photograph or a project, I’m always looking for those features that will make their viewing experience unique and I think your project, includes many of these featuresYour project is a classic documentary photography project and I think you are going to be great in this genre of photography.

Don’t forget. Plan always what you want to do, try to take powerful images that tell a story, trust your instincts and finally don’t be afraid of failure.

I am glad because I can sense your passion for photography and I am encouraging you to keep making interesting pictures. My engagement with your work was a very enjoyable experience. I will be jubilant to see more of your work in the future, especially from this project.
Best Regards”aaaa



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